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Drop greenhouse (3649TAL)

The Drop greenhouse is designed by the Cane-line Design, and is part of the Drop collection, which consists of an outdoor kitchen concept and a selection of outdoor dining tables. The greenhouse is made with a frame in warm teak with glass panes and two doors, so you can easily organize your favorite herbs and vegetables. Cane-line teak is approved and cultivated according to SVLK certification system. With the Drop Greenhouse, you get two practical movable shelves where your greens can be placed. The top of the greenhouse is easily clamped open to create air circulation for your plants, ensuring optimal growth conditions.To preserve the original unique teak colour and maintain the fine teak wood, we recommend to use Cane-line Teak Care products. Our care products help to preserve the nice and warm golden-brown colour of your teak furniture.

Dolžina x Širina x Višina
100cm x 51cm x 162cm

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